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Why Affluent Older Men Prefer Sugar Daddy Sites Rather Than Traditional Dating Sites?

BY: • Dec 10 2018

Founder of Sugar daddy website deems that the currently popular "Sugar Love" is different from "nurturing." "Sugar Love" may be accompanied by a spirit pleasure. The affluent "old men" are willing to spend money meeting a "younger" mate; the "small" meet old men, not "old" feel lonely. "Sugar Love" can be friendships and dating relationships. Men can also maintain friendships. It isn't the premise that sex is necessary between them.( Read more)

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What to Do If Your Sugar Daddy Rejects Your Requirements

BY: • Dec 17 2018

Sugar daddy dating is like every other relationship out there, it isn’t all rosy. Just like our life, not all is plain sailing. Life is full of disappointments, and rejection is one of them. So, what you should be worried about is not sugar daddy rejecting your request, but how to establish a realistic request that is fair to your sweet daddy. Here's what to do if your sugar daddy rejects your requirements.( Read more)

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6 Tips help you find Sugar Daddy What you are Looking for

BY: • Dec 24 2018

Sugar Babies are longing to date her dream man who is rich, handsome, intelligent. But in most situations, they cannot find such a man. Therefore, they turned to seek an arrangement relationship. Sugar daddies are supposed to be these wealthy guys who receive a round of applause for anything, even after a flat speech or bad joke. They can offer what they want.( Read more)

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When should you consider dating a sugar daddy or sugar baby offline?

BY: • Jan 2, 2019

Online dating is a good way to meet partners from all over the world and share your experience. Most singles choose to register sites for sugar daddies for the purpose of finding life partners. Unfortunately, however, many people find it difficult to choose a suitable time to meet this person in the real world. According to dating experts, hesitation among people is touted to be the biggest reason as to why they do not like meeting in the real world. ( Read more)

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Top 10 places to meet rich sugar daddies & rich people

BY: • Jan 8, 2019

We often see information about the rich on TV and the Internet. You think the rich are everywhere. All kinds of luxury cars can be seen in the street. Maybe you don't care because you think they are remote and mysterious to you. But if one day you really need a rich sugar daddy or a really rich person, you won't know where the sugar daddy is, so here are 10 places the rich go. This article reveals some of the places rich people like to go. Where can you meet your sugar daddy?( Read more)

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Top 10 signs a sugar daddy has a wife

BY: • Jan 15, 2019

When you started dating an older rich man who seems like he is too good to be true. Although you'd prefer to stay positive, you'll also notice things that make you feel uncomfortable. You suspect he married and just looking for sugar baby arrangement , and you worry that another woman might be his wife. I'm sure you've read before that many sugar daddies are married or even divorced. If you just want to find a real single sugar daddy. how do you know whether he is single or not?

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How to date a college sugar baby?

BY: • Jan 21, 2019

Being a student is a lot of fun. But being a student can also be tough. This is why most college girls jump into sugar bowl for seeking a sugar daddy pay for their high tuition fees. As for sugar daddies, they prefer to date their college sugar babies because they are much younger and more vibrant than the older. Recently, however, I've been receiving a lot of questions about how to date college sugar babies.

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Successful dating tips for SD/SB

BY: • Jan 29, 2019

If you are a newbie to the sugar dating world and seek a relationship without making a commitment , some useful dating tips you should keep in your mind.

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Tips For You if you want to be a long-term Sugar Baby

BY: • Feb 18, 2019

Having a long-term beneficial relationship with a sugar daddy is knowing your position. You are just a companion when he needs you. Don't mix up your identity, you are not her girlfriend, not his wife. His life is busy。 So your task is to be flexible and available to fit into his schedule with the opportunity arises, and to be understanding when he has to cancel last minute.

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Tips for perfecting your Sugar Baby profile to Attract Millionaires

BY: • March 1, 2019

With the prevalence of internet hunting for a millionaire to date is now just one mouse click away. There are several specialty sites that have emerged for younger women looking for older wealthy men dating or getting the allowance. On these sites, there are hundreds of thousands of women competing for the same intention as the most elite men. So how can you stand out from so many competitors? Most importantly is your profile.

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What to do when you first date with sugar baby?

BY: • March 15, 2019

Do you know how to spend your first date with your sugar baby? As a newbie in sugar daddy world. you may have no idea how to attract your sugar baby, we can help you. We've come up with a list of great ideas for the first pot date. Follow us and to know more.


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