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Looking for a relationship based on the financial? This site is suits you. You can find sugar babies who want money or sugar daddies(mommy) who can offer them financial support and take good care of them. In some case, it is also similar to any other sugar dating sites. Upload yourself personality profile and instruction yourself with simple words. And now you can use simple built-in search tools on the platform to seek potential matches.

Membership Fees

  • 1 Attract Boost for 24 hours ($9.99 USD/per Attract)
  • 5 Attract Boosts ($7.99 USD/per Attract$39.95 USD billed today)
  • 10 Attract Boosts ($5.99 USD/per Attract$59.90 USD billed today)


  • 1 Month Premium ($89.95 USD/month)
  • 3 Months Premium ($79.95 USD/month$239.85 USD billed today)
  • 6 Months Premium ($69.95 USD/month$419.70 USD billed today)
  • Add a private phone number from Hushed($4.99 for 300 SMS and 60 minutes for 30 days)


Income Verification
Considering the importance of finances are in seeking arrangements, it should be noted that sugar daddies also have an income verification function. As the site wouldn’t achieve its missions if just anybody could claim they pull in a seven-figure income. Background checks are extensive and take some time. It even includes a criminal background test so that "sugar babies" can make sure their "sugar daddies" are not facing a long list of domestic violence charges.

Friendly to Bisexual Men & Women
This is a good site for bisexual men, especially those with disposable income who want to dispose of it as there’s a high ratio of female to male users. Interestingly enough, though, although the stereotypical sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is between a well-off older man and a less rich younger woman, this isn’t always the case on SeekingArrangement. Although less numerous, there are female sugar mamas and male sugar babies. Gay relationships are also offered.

It worthy of mention is that there’s plenty of more women than men and plenty of more sugar babies than daddies. Among most are the college students, looking to subsidize their degrees through relationships with affluent sugar daddies. Browsing on SeekingArrangement is easy and made even easier by a sampling of featured users that gets refreshed quite frequently. What's more, the search tools are easy and allow you to be as specific or as general as you’d like in locating matches.

Editor’s Verdict

Sugar Daddy for me allows you to contact a large number of members from around the world and date them if they agree. This site doesn't encourage serious relationships, so if you're looking for one, this isn't the place for you. It's just a dating site that helps wealthy men build casual and rewarding relationships with beautiful women. The site offers many great features, as well as a three-day trial, which is the most amazing thing. This will give you an idea of the site before you pay for any service. The likelihood of dating on this site is high, and there have been many success stories over the past year. If this site meets your needs and gives you a good feeling, sign up for a three-day trial and give it a try!